Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 8.158: Eggsplosion

As I was writing a blog-post the other day, I heard a strange sound from downstairs followed by excited noises from Exile #2 followed soon afterwards by an urgent call for my help.

It turned out that she had been boiling two eggs but had got distracted and the pan had boiled dry and one of the eggs had exploded. Very impressively. Yesterday, there was still a small piece of eggshell stuck to the ceiling:

She had moved the pan off the heat, but then retreated as the other egg was now looking less like an egg and more like a time-bomb. I managed to turn the heat off and then pour some water into the pan while staying below the level of the rim of the pan and the second egg did not explode.

Amazingly, the pan survived the ordeal. Exile #2 was a bit shaken up for a while though.


  1. Very eggciting! I eggspect Eggcile#2 was quite shell shocked by the eggsperience :-)



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