Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day 9.182: Exile #2's Sunday Column #113

Exile #2 writes...

The jet lag seemed to hit us belatedly today. Various family members were up before 5 am, and as a consequence, were a little groggy during the day. Exile #1 was also nursing a sore knee after yesterday's exertions, so we contented ourselves with a bit of origami, a game of Tokkaido, and with watching Wimbledon and the European Cup Final.

After dinner, we we went for a gentle stroll on the beach. Some crazy people were in the ocean when we arrived, but Exiles #1 through #4 were happy to forego such madness. E5N1 just threw himself down repeatedly on the sand and wrote random messages with his finger (#youreit) to ensure maximum sand coverage both of himself and the car. It's a sure sign of summer.

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