Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 9.189: Exile #2's Sunday Column #114

Exile #2 writes...

One of us had an early start and an energetic morning resulting in this:

The rest of us had a slightly less early start and whiled away a surprising amount of time guessing song lyrics. We might have ventured out but wimped out due to the heat. We're having a little trouble readjusting to US temperatures since we got back from the UK. It was a shock to step out of the airport building into 30 degree heat, and it hasn't eased off much since.

However, once the heat of the day died down, we headed to Main Street for dinner, courtesy of Rapid Rays, a long-time Saco institution in a shiny diner building. We wandered to the river and then back to Main Street to spot the Adirondack chairs that have been decorated and placed along the pavement for the summer. We may have stopped to try out a newer food outlet half way...

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