Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day 10.061: Exile #2's Sunday Column #167

Exile #2 writes...

It was the kind of week that involved quite a bit of admin, so how better to reward ourselves than going to hear some great live music? We bumped into friends outside the venue (who, unlike us, had brought their kids - definite loss of parent points for us there!). When we saw them heading confidently upstairs after entering the theater, we decided to follow, figuring that they might have some local knowledge. Turns out they did. We ended up in a fantastic spot at the front of the balcony, in seats rather than standing up downstairs. Our friends jokingly referred to them as old people seats. We wouldn't always choose to sit down at a concert but we were seeing Regina Spektor, so it seemed more in keeping somehow.

We enjoyed watching the theater fill up, as we had no idea what kind of audience she would attract. I don't think I could sum it up even now. It was all age - there were both teeny tots and seniors near us - and eclectic, but it turned out to be one of the noisiest audiences I've ever been in, and not always in a good way (and not because of the children!). Still, it was incredible to hear her sing live. She has an extraordinary voice. I have no idea how she does half of what she does. It was even more fabulous to be sitting somewhere where we could watch her hands on the piano.

In other news we are trying to ignore a late season storm that is considering making a visit this week. I'm just happy that it was polite enough to hold off until after the concert.

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