Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day 10.068: Exile #2's Sunday Column #168

Exile #2 writes...

No sooner had Exile #3 arrived home from her weekend away, than she was heading off again, this time to the dance studio, to help run a party for the dance students. E5N1 qualified as one of those, so he went too. There were games and dancing, and, for some reason, E5N1 arrived home with a Union Jack painted on his face. We'd been busy preparing his US passport renewal request while they were out, but decided that maybe we'd better delay taking his passport photo. Not sure if they'd appreciate the face art.

I spent much of the weekend in a wrestling match with a migraine but did enjoy strolling through Portland yesterday. There is still a lot of snow - including an impressive amount that had been blown inside the multi-storey car park - but the sky was blue, and the temperature was quite pleasant if, like me, you were wearing a knee-length down coat.

The week ahead is a full one, made fuller by the need to catch up on events postponed by snow, including a whole extra day of school. Won't the young Exiles be delighted!

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