Sunday, December 27, 2015

Day 8:351: Exile #2's Sunday Column #87

Exile #2 writes:

Today was a day of keeping promises. First thing, I took Exile #3 to a local department store for her Christmas gift, which was a shopping trip to buy some clothes. It was successful, except for the bit where we needed to pay, and I realized I'd transferred my purse to the rucksack yesterday and forgotten to transfer it back! Fortunately, we were not too far from home and Exile #1 came to the rescue.

Promise number 2 was a diversion on the way home to buy some "C" batteries for E5N1's new pottery wheel. Exile #1 got him all set up and he managed to turn out a nice little pot, which is air-drying, ready for painting. While they waited for it to harden a little, they got cracking on one of a set of geodes he received as a gift. E5N1 is having fun opening them up and trying to identify the crystals inside.

While they did that, Exile #4 and I tackled the second of her Christmas candy-making kits, this time to make gummies (yesterday it was chewing gum). The kits are pretty interesting, involving natural ingredients such as chicle gum, and seaweed to make the candies. We dug out our Dr Who candy mold and before long had a nice selection of sour gummies to show for our efforts.

All in all a productive day, although a couple of naps may also have been had along the way.

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