Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day 8.354: Tiny Bob

A story from while I was at out for the last working day of the year today:

E5N1 (opening the door in urgently having been playing outside in the snow): I need a baby carrot and ten raisins!

OK it wasn't much of a story, but here's E5N1's creation: Snowman Bob (he's probably about ten inches tall):

Exile #2 calls him "Tiny Bob". Amazingly, I managed to get home to photograph him before it got too dark.


  1. So my size 14 shoe would be taller than Snowman Tiny Bob? I'm imagining what that would look like if you Photoshopped me in... Happy New Year!

    1. I hadn't thought to compare the two of you - but yes he really is that small (and you are not!).

      Happy New Year to you and yours too!


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