Sunday, May 7, 2017

Day 10.117: Exile #2's Sunday Column #175

Exile #2 writes...

The other day I was reading a review of a new Colombian cafe that has opened up where we live. It observed that, whereas our twin city on the other side of the river is rapidly turning into Brooklyn, our side has remained preserved in amber. Having had dinner on the other side with my British friends the other night, I can see a little of what they mean.

But our town is doing its best to catch up, albeit in a slightly less trendy fashion. Exile #3's dance show donated its funds to our Main Street committee:

One of these people is a member of the committee receiving the funds, the rest are the dancers.
which has been working hard to revamp community events and arrange other things like live music and street decor. You might remember last year the Main Street was filled with brightly decorated Adirondack chairs. A few of those might make a return this year but, in addition, there are plans to sprinkle pianos around the town, for the use of all who pass by. Whether any of our (slightly reserved) population will be brave enough to have a go remains to be seen, but I look forward to seeing what happens.

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