Sunday, May 28, 2017

Day 10.138: Exile #2's Sunday Column #178

Exile #2 writes...

Yesterday's walk by the river brought us out near the newly opened Colombian cafe that I had read about a couple of weeks back. So, what else could we do but drop in and try it out? E5N1 wasted no time in finding out whether they had dairy free milk and finding that they did, ordered a milky coffee sweetened with caramel.

Exile #1 and I also ordered coffees and we spent a happy half hour reading the menu of smoothies and snacks like arepas and tamales, that will definitely tempt us to return. They may have some competition though, as two more cafes are set to open shortly. It seems our sleepy little town might be waking up.

The neighborhood is certainly abuzz this weekend, in preparation for Memorial Day tomorrow. Our neighbors are putting up bunting and mulching everything in sight. Unfortunately, it sounds like this is one parade on which it will rain but that hasn't deterred us in the past and probably won't this time.

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