Sunday, March 6, 2016

Day 9.056: Exile #2's Sunday Column #97

Exile #2 writes...

This afternoon, aside from the hum of the fridge, the house was silent. This was largely due to the absence of E5N1 and Exile #4, who went off in search of their friends from two doors down, and then disappeared to the nearby playground. Like so many people who've been hunkered down for the last few months, they are rediscovering the joy of sunlight and relative warmth. From what we hear they enjoyed some hide-and-seek, followed by a vigorous game of American Ninja Warrior.

Exile #1 and I took advantage of the quiet to get our heads around some upcoming events. We couldn't, alas, participate in the real excitement of the weekend for most Mainers - the caucuses. We could, however, enjoy hearing about a little impromptu protest that our church staged when a certain presidential candidate visited Portland earlier this week. Being conveniently positioned right next to the hotel the candidate was using, the church was hastily decorated with posters echoing Pope Francis' suggestion that we should build bridges not walls. I doubt it will have had any impact on the candidate but it did cause a little ripple on Facebook.

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