Friday, March 25, 2016

Day 9.075: Good grief Friday

Monday (the first day of spring) being a snow day was an amusing footnote to winter, but today was almost indescribable.

I woke up fairly early as usual, but it soon became clear that going out for a run was not likely to be the safest option. The evening had turned to freezing rain which had continued on-and-off through the night and it was still below freezing and everything was nicely glazed. I thought that school might be disrupted and checked all the appropriate announcements, but there was nothing for us.

I had just finished warning the girls to take extra care heading out to the bus when all our phones rang simultaneously (home and two mobiles) - which only happens when the school notification system auto-dialer reaches our entry - and sure enough there was a rather last minute decision for a two-hour delay.

I made it safely to work and it was still icy (although not on the roads) when I came home for lunch:

In the afternoon, there was a brief spell when the ground started steaming, but the ice was still clinging to the trees when I left at the end of the day.

The evening brought us some family time (feels like the first time in a week) - we all sat down for a meal and then watched Shaun The Sheep - the Movie together which was pretty adorable.

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