Sunday, May 1, 2016

Day 9.112: Exile #2's Sunday Column #105

Exile #2 writes...

Everywhere has its gardening challenges. In the UK, it was slugs and snails. They munched their way through every hosta I attempted to grow until I finally gave up. When we reached the US, I was delighted to see that hostas thrived, and planted some more. No slugs and snails this time, but instead there was a portly groundhog that devoured them in one sitting. Any leftovers would probably have been finished up by the neighborhood deer, that roamed at large, grazing on whatever took their fancy, including pumpkins at Halloween.

In Maine, the biggest challenge is the growing season, which is really only from May to September, and so gardening feels like a sprint to get everything you want done, rather than a leisurely stroll with ample time for pottering. Still, this weekend we seized the season and took some measures to deal with persistent bald spots on our lawn. It's slow progress but inch by inch, row by row, as the song (which we learned when we first moved to the US) says...

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