Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 9.122: Not how I planned to spend my evening

I was nearly home when my phone rang - Exile #2 telling me that Exile #4 was reporting some weird and disturbing neurological symptoms.

Nearly three hours later we were leaving the ER with these:

It is fair to say that Exile #4 has a family history of migraine, although neither Exile #2 nor I have had symptoms quite as disturbing as Exile #4's today. Suffice it to say that we are happy and relieved to have our daughter back home and quite her normal self this evening.


  1. I have had classic migraines ever since I was a child, with the visual prodrome, so I sympathize with your poor kid. I'd be happy to share what worked best for me by email/RWOL PM if you'd like.

    1. Thanks - that would be great! Exile #2 and I both have migraine issues - although mine have been under control for thirty years thanks to my cow-dairy-free diet. I guess it's not too surprising that at least one of our offspring has joined the club!


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