Sunday, May 15, 2016

Day 9.126: Exile #2's Sunday Column #107

Exile #2 writes...

Phew! It's been another busy day. I got coated in paint with the kids at HopeGateWay this morning. We had a quick lunch, then rushed Exile #4 over to a nearby town for her piano recital. She was playing a duet of New York, New York with another student. It went very well, and her piano teacher kept the audience busy by asking us to write encouraging notes about each student's performance, that she could compile and give to them at their next lesson. In the US, British judges are always the unpleasant ones (a la Simon Cowell) but I thought I'd better play against type.

By the time the recital was over at 5 pm, we we were just about done, but Exile #1 and I gathered up our last ounces of strength when we got home, and got on with some jobs, he stripping some more boards on the deck, while I did some watering and put down straw to give the grass seeds a chance to grow on the verge outside our house. Right! When's the weekend?

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