Sunday, November 6, 2016

Day 9.301: Exile #2's Sunday Column #150

Exile #2 writes...

The day after tomorrow, our friends and neighbors will be heading to the polling booths. They won't just be voting for their choice of presidential candidate, but will also state their preference on six referendum questions for Maine, including the legalization of marijuana and requirement of background checks for all gun sales. Then, as if that was not enough, they will vote for their state senator, and make choices for local government positions. Phew!

As a consequence, every strip of publicly owned land is a jungle of signs. E5N1's teacher's husband is running for a local position, and E5N1 has taken to counting the number of his signs that he sees as we drive around. He got to about 30 on our short journey to the Guy Fawkes party last night. But that congestion is nothing to the congestion there'll be on Tuesday morning at our nearby community center as people queue through the day to make their mark. This time next week we'll know.

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