Sunday, November 13, 2016

Day 9.308: Exile #2's Sunday Column #151

Exile #2 writes...

Because Exile #1 and E5N1 worked hard raking leaves on Friday afternoon, we allowed ourselves the reward of a hike on Saturday. It was a cool but beautifully sunny day, and as most of the leaves are down from the trees now, the views were great. We could see all the way across to Mount Washington, which was snow-capped and quite spectacular.

Of course, as the leaves were off the trees, it was also a little harder to discern the trail and we took took a small detour once or twice. I also opted for a more rapid descent at one point than I would have chosen, and am feeling a little sore for it today!

However, it was nice to spend a moment away from everything as, at the moment, even the best things are colored by the election results. So, we draw breath and get ready for the next uphill stretch.

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