Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Day 9.317: Schools and hats

Well, our busy week is now in its 9th day, but really should be over soon.

Today, I saw E5N1 off to school for his half-day "crazy hat day" wearing his King Julien headpiece. It wasn't a good day for Deli to go to school, but at least he joined the hat fun.

Then it was off to work for me - but just for a half day, so that we could spend the afternoon in nine more parent-teacher conferences. eight for Exile #3 who guided us around her high school for a series of lightning 8 minute meetings and then one for E5N1 with his main classroom teacher. All seems to be going well.

Now, one more day of work and then time to recover over the Thanksgiving break - I'll definitely be thankful for a change of pace!

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