Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 9.305: Scooter buddies

It's not unusual for one of his parents to kick E5N1 out of the house to burn off some energy or get some fresh air. It's not unusual for him to ask someone to come outside with him and it's not unusual for no-one to be both available and willing.

However, recently on a few occasions, he has had company from a slightly surprising place - Exile #3. One of their activities has been riding scooters. I mentioned how much I liked seeing them doing this to Exile #3 - referring to them as "scooter buddies".

Her response was, "I have a picture for that!" and here it is:

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  1. Have you been teaching her Python, where it would be of course "method" not "picture" (for the non-geek blog readers out there)?!?


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