Sunday, December 11, 2016

Day 9.336: Exile #2's Sunday Column #155

Exile #2 writes...

After a fun visit to Boston yesterday, today we finally had the opportunity to decorate our Christmas tree. Exiles #3 and #4 supplied the music (Pentatonix' latest Christmas offering) and the tree was soon bedecked with our random selection of ornaments. Our tree is a little skinnier this year than previously, and so that meant there were ornaments left over, some of which were squirreled away by the young Exiles to decorate their rooms.

The other grand plan for the afternoon, was to make gingerbread cookies. The project was almost immediately put in jeopardy by an empty jar of ginger, but that was quickly amended by Exiles #1 and #3, who made an emergency dash to the store. After this, I thought things would be plain sailing and left Exiles #3 and #4 to it while I started dinner. What followed could have been an episode of I Love Lucy, as they negotiated the various challenges that eggs, molasses and flour present. There was much cackling, and a mixing process so slow that it was barely complete by dinner. As a consequence, our dough rests in the fridge for another day. There is an outside chance that that could be tomorrow, as we are expecting snow overnight, but probably not enough to hold up hardy Mainers.

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