Sunday, December 18, 2016

Day 9.343: Exile #2's Sunday Column #156

Exile #2 writes...

There has been a definite feeling of Christmas in the air this week. We enjoyed mulled wine and mince pies with our lovely British friends on Thursday, we oo-ed and ah-ed over the decorated trees in our little town museum on Friday,

and there was more snow than you could shake a stick at on Saturday. I know, because I spent most of Saturday afternoon shaking various sticks at it (well, shovels), plus a snow blower, and a couple of children. However, I still definitely had the smooth end of the stick (this may be a different stick, I'm not sure), as Exile #1 headed out onto the slippery roads to take Exile #3 to her dance show.

Today, the temperature has kept rising from its low of minus doesn't-even-bear-thinking-about to the high forties, and rain is beginning to wash the snow away. After another brief plummet tonight, it's due to stay warm and wet for much of the week, so we may still miss out on a white Christmas. As Exile #1 reminded us, this will no doubt please the local jewelry store that has a promotion promising to refund the cost of any jewelry bought in the month before Christmas, if it snows more than 6 inches on Christmas Day - a bold tactic in New England!

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