Thursday, December 29, 2016

Day 9.354: Ocean-effect and the other kind

We started the day (the final day of my three-day work week) knowing that a storm was on its way. Expecting snow (mid afternoon), rain (evening) and then some more snow (overnight). Things took their first surprise turn when it was already snowing when I left for work.

It turned out it wasn't the storm arriving early, but some ocean-effect snow. We got an inch or so by lunchtime.

Sadly (but sensibly) our planned dinner-guests decided to stay home. By the time I was getting ready to leave for work we had had another inch or so of heavy snow:

but by then it was raining. When Exile #2 went to take the trash cans to the roadside at around 8pm, she had to venture out in heavy rain and wade through a few inches of slush on the driveway.

So I was very surprised when I looked out a few minutes ago and saw this:

and this:

Yes, more snow and coming down very rapidly. Who knows what we will wake up to? At least we don't need to venture out if we choose not to.

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