Sunday, April 9, 2017

Day 10.089: Exile #2's Sunday Column #171

Exile #2 writes...

We were all feeling a little sleepy this morning after seeing E5N1 into double digits yesterday, but there was no time to linger in bed. Exile #1 and I had a song to sing, and all of us had parts to read at church this morning.

We treated ourselves to lunch out, then headed home where Exile #1 and I took out chairs to bask in the sun - yes, sun! In true Maine fashion, we have barely recovered from the 10 inches of snow we received last weekend, than we need to break out our shorts and sun hats. On Tuesday, it is due to be 72°F (22°C). No doubt we'll all soon be complaining about the heat, but for now that sun feels really, really good.

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