Saturday, April 22, 2017

Day 10.102: Mount Desert and Ellsworth recap

Here is a proper recap of our day yesterday.

After a three hour drive and a quick lunch, we had a short chilly walk on the waterfront in Bar Harbor:

before heading to the Abbe Museum where we learned a lot about the Native American tribes of the area. I also spent a while in the kids room with E5N1 where we tackled two of these beautiful (and surprisingly tricky) jigsaw puzzles:

and he insisted I photography him with every animal puppet in the menagerie:

After that, we took advantage of the free Acadia park access to drive up Cadillac. The top of the mountain was in the clouds and we didn't even bother to stop, but once we came down a bit we pulled over to admire the view:

There was time for one more quick stop on the island, so we stopped in at College of the Atlantic's Natural History Museum:

which has fantastic Maine animal dioramas and - more surprisingly - these:

Our day ended in Ellsworth where we were staying. We had dinner at Finn's - after posing in the shop window for a while:

After a large meal - a short walk took us along the river where we saw spring flowers and a dam (pictured) and had a close up view of a bald eagle when I stepped on a twig and disturbed it from the branches just above our heads (sadly not pictured).

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