Sunday, April 16, 2017

Day 10.096: Exile #2's Sunday Column #172

Exile #2 writes...

Maybe we are part reptile. No sooner has the temperature risen, than so have our activity levels. We were up bright and early again today for the 9 am Easter service. Then, while I got lunch ready, the rest of the team cleared the yard of the many twigs and branches that were revealed when the snow melted.

We had a very American lunch. Ham, not lamb, for the first course and carrot cake for dessert - table mats designed specially for the occasion by E5N1.

Then back to the yard for a brief Easter egg hunt. We allowed ourselves a rest to watch Doctor Who, but then a supergroup was formed for some Rock Band and, to round it all off, we headed to Scarborough Marsh for a very nice walk.

Exile #1 is back to work tomorrow, but the young Exiles get to enjoy a bit more rest and relaxation.


  1. FWIW I made the carrot cake for our Easter dinner (from a mix, but still...) in a Bundt pan, which was the request of the chef d'cuisine. :-)

    1. If you successfully followed direction (from the mix packet and the chef) then all is well and you get full credit!


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