Sunday, April 23, 2017

Day 10.103: Exile #2's Sunday Column #173

Exile #2 writes...

After our mad 48 hour dash to Bar Harbor and back again, we were glad to spend a quieter day, soaking in the sunshine which had, with impeccable timing, returned just as we did. Despite the wet and chilly weather, it was a good trip, exploring various sites of historic interest where the British behaved in a pretty shady way. No wonder we are still always the baddies in movies! Still, we did enjoy the fact that we managed to infiltrate Fort Knox, built to defend against the British, with little or no resistance.

Back home, the trees are flowering, and other things have emerged too: Spring flowers, rhubarb, the washing line, various Exiles' legs. Oh, and the grill. The neighborhood has filled with the smell of smoke today. Partly from Spring clear ups that are underway, partly from the firing up of grills. Grilling season is short here, and is vigorously embraced when it comes. So, who are we not to join in? Back to school tomorrow for the Exiles but the end of the school year is surprisingly close.

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