Sunday, June 4, 2017

Day 10.145: Exile #2's Sunday Column #179

Exile #2 writes...

Once again, we are saddened by the news from home. There are no words (although, unfortunately, someone else on this side of the Atlantic doesn't seem to realize this). On a defiantly lighter note...

Everyone knows that Americans like to win and that, to them, second place is first loser. Still, there have been a couple of times recently when I have been a little worried at the extent to which this might be true. At lunch one day, we found ourselves discussing a letter that Exile #3 had received, saying that she had been nominated for an award by one of her teachers. "How did you get on with that?" asked Exile #4. "Did you win?"

Yes, Exile #4, had imagined some sort of Oscars-style ceremony, with various students being nominated for a single award. I assume she pictured the majority of them returning home disappointed. Later in the same meal, Exile #3 reflected that she was soon going to be busy because of her finals. Without batting an eye-lid, E5N1 asked when the semi-finals were? For the sake of those taking part, I can only hope these end of term exams are not actually a knock-out competition.

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