Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day 10.154: Hot and bothered

The last three days have been very hot. I got out in time to run before the worst of the heat hit on two of them - but the rest of the day was not weather for doing anything strenuous unless in an air conditioned space.

Unfortunately, yesterday I found myself with two activities that caused some distress in the heat. The first was not a coincidence - getting the air conditioning window units out of the basement and fitting them in the appropriate places in the house. They felt a lot heavier than they had on the cool autumnal day when I removed them.

The second was an unfortunate coincidence - putting the spare on the car having discovered that the normal occupant of this corner had an impressive piece of metal hardware through the treads:

Boy, that was hot work! Thanks to Exile #2, the hole is now fixed and the car back to normal. Fortunately for us all, the weather is due to return to more seasonable warmth as of tonight.

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