Sunday, June 11, 2017

Day 10.152: Exile #2's Sunday Column #180

Exile #2 writes...
Exile #4 reached teendom today. Yes, thirteen years of those curls and that laugh. Also, we should have figured out the karate thing a bit sooner. Someone early on commented that she looked ready to take a swing at someone in this baby photo with Exile #3.

So, appropriately enough, we headed out to celebrate her birthday by watching the new Wonder Woman movie. I do look back with a certain fondness on watching Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman - the amazing special effects that made her transform before our very eyes, the big jumps she could do (maybe not all in one shot but we got the idea...) and the uncertain way she would run towards the screen because she couldn't see properly without her glasses. I, for one, however, am pleased that the satin tights have been replaced with something a whole lot tougher. I'm also pleased that the movie managed to tell a good story without excessive numbers of noisy fight scenes and the destruction of a major metropolis. All in all, the movie got a big thumbs up from us.

We're going to head out to eat later and if everything goes to plan, Exile #4 will get to celebrate again next weekend, but this time with her friends.

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