Monday, July 3, 2017

Day 10.174: Icy water and hot beer

It was E5N1's choice of activity today, "A proper beach trip with bathing suits."

Here are some of the activities (including evidence that Exile #2 prefers to stay out of the sun but is a hit with the ladybugs and that E5N1 doesn't always wear his goggles in the correct place). There is also a picture of all three kids (plus E5N1's friend) fairly deep in the water.

I really wanted to go in too, but by the time I was knee deep my survival instincts kicked in and I could go no further into the frankly frigid water. Somehow Exile #4 spent quite a long time in there (Exile #3 and E5N1 kept their water contact brief).

This evening, I cooked gluten-free beer can chicken on the grill and we tried key-lime-pie-s'mores - substituting lime curd in place of chocolate.

Even Exile #4 - who can't understand why you'd ever want less chocolate - begrudgingly enjoyed hers.

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