Sunday, July 30, 2017

Day 10.201: Exile #2's Sunday Column #187

Exile #2 writes...

E5N1, J and A, who were all sharing a room last night, managed to get up very stealthily this morning. When the rest of us finally caught up with them, they were in the basement, using the plastic food to create a restaurant (our plastic food collection is one of those toys that seems to go on and on).

T, S, J & A were driving on to a camp site today but we squeezed in a very nice visit to the beach before they went. The kids (bravely) swam, jumped waves, and built sandcastles. The rest of us chatted, waded, and walked along the shore, all in not much more than an hour.

By the time we left the park, wardens were closing the gate to new arrivals, and there was a small queue forming of hopeful beachgoers. We freed up a space for someone, at least.

We dropped Exile #4 off at her friends' house for a sleepover, then shortly after said goodbye to T, S, J & A. Since then, we've been putting everything back the way it was - apart from Exile #4's room. After giving it up for our guests to use it is looking much tidier than usual. She'll be back tomorrow to do something about that, I'm sure.

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