Sunday, July 9, 2017

Day 10.180: Exile #2's Sunday Column #184

Exile #2 writes...

So, I was a little surprised when we headed in the direction of the mall on my birthday, but it turns out that Exile #1 had hatched a plan to replace my fruit-based tablet with one that had a functioning battery. I usually like to keep using things until they cannot limp along any longer, but I was secretly quite glad, because of late I had found myself dragging the device, its charger and an enormous extension lead around the house with me, so I could plug it in wherever I went. As we left the store with our purchase, we passed a Microsoft stand. I'm convinced I saw them look at us, our bag and then turn sadly back to their wares.

After a quick browse of the geeky goodies in Newbury Comics, we headed to Sinful Kitchen for lunch. I had wanted to go for a while, because I'd heard it served gluten free dishes, but we had never got round to it. We both had diner-style breakfasts, but I went for gluten free French toast, while Exile #1 opted to try the lamb bacon because, well, lamb bacon.

We headed home for the afternoon, then rounded out the day with yummy birthday curry by Exile #1, happy birthday sung over a celebratory bar of chocolate, and a nice walk at the marsh. Lovely!

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