Sunday, April 3, 2016

Day 9.084: Exile #2's Sunday Column #101

Exile #2 writes...

This week has been a week of rediscovering old favorites and making new introductions. Exile # 1 and I have dusted off the playing cards and rule books, to play Canasta in the evenings. We persuaded the older Exiles into playing a round this afternoon. I think they just about got to grips with it. When E5N1 spotted the cards, he had to teach me War, which he has been playing at school with his friends (presumably not for stakes, but you never know - they're an enterprising bunch).

We've also been enjoying watching some old Two Ronnie's sketches (RIP Ronnie Corbett). Not too surprisingly, E5N1 has become a bit of a fan, and has been wandering around the house muttering "Got any 'ose?".

However, none of us decided to share in Exile #1's rediscovery of how it feels to run in driving snow this morning. Can't think why.

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