Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day 9.091: Exile #2's Sunday Column #102

Exile #2 writes...

Portland Arcade is a fun place. It's like hanging out in someone's house, if that person only furnished their house with arcade games and gaming consoles. The kids happily moved from machine to machine (all were free to play). The pinball machine was a big hit with everyone, as was the air hockey but the stand out favorite was Bockerball, table football (soccer) played by hitting the ball with ball bearings. Exile #1 and I played our first games of Pong since we were E5N1's age, and all of us tried our hand at some of the board games. I'd quite forgotten the anxiety-inducing Perfection. As a bonus, the sound system was hooked up to a record player, with a vast collection of LPs to browse through. They even had a Cure album sitting out on the side, ready and waiting - perfect 9 year old party music!

Today was very much a recovery day but we did manage a small hike along a local trail which we had not explored before. It was nicely varied, if a little slippery, and we found evidence of a local beaver population that seemed to be hard at work raising the water levels.

On the way home, everyone was pleased to find out that there are just 4 days of school this week, then Spring Break and an exciting trip to Boston for some little event that's going to be taking place there...

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