Sunday, April 17, 2016

Day 9.098: Exile #2's Sunday Column #103

Exile #2 writes...

It's the eve of the big race. We spent a happy morning soaking in the marathon atmosphere, and eating brunch with some of Exile #1's running forum buddies, who have come from all over the US. Since then we've been taking it easy. Even those of us who will not be running, have appreciated the time to put our feet up and recuperate from the excitements of yesterday.

E5N1 wasn't sure he was keen on Boston after the shoulder-to-shoulder Expo, but he's coming round, thanks to multiple rides on the Subway. The trains are as busy as rush hour whatever time of day but standing up and jostling around with the other passengers seems to hold as much attraction as sitting down. We'll be attempting to find Exile #1 in the crowds, to give him a big cheer tomorrow. If you have a minute, do send some running energy his way too!!

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