Sunday, February 5, 2017

Day 10.026: Exile #2's Sunday Column #162

Exile #2 writes...

We headed off in different directions this morning. Exile #1 went off to race, Exiles #3 and #4 went off to a confirmation class, and E5N1 and I went to HopeGateWay. We got home a little earlier than everyone else, which gave E5N1 the chance to prepare for an upcoming event. No, he's not being presumptuous. All kids bring these to school to collect the cards from all their classmates and teachers. It's a bit of a love-fest, really.

Then tonight, it was all about the Super Bowl, of course. There was a flurry of excitement here when the Schuyler sisters, from the cast of Hamilton, appeared at the beginning to sing America the Beautiful, our local celebrities, George H. W. and Barbara Bush, were brought out for the coin toss, and Lady Gaga did exactly what was expected of her at half-time. The commercials were noticeably more political than usual, with many emphasizing diversity and acceptance. Oh yes, and there was some football. Our local team, the New England Patriots were playing, and staged an amazing comeback in overtime (the first overtime ever in a Super Bowl), after going 25 points behind. There will be many happy Mainers tonight.

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