Sunday, February 19, 2017

Day 10.040: Exile #2's Sunday Column #164

Exile #2 writes...

Despite the fact that the young Exiles have been out of school almost as much as in it this past week, it is now school vacation. This week is known as Presidents' week, and even Exile #1 gets tomorrow off in celebration of George Washington's Birthday. Unfortunately (for us, possibly not for him), he will be spending much of the rest of the week in California, so we treated ourselves to a meal out at lunchtime and then settled down to watch Arrival in the evening.

Exile #1 and I had seen it in the cinema and were really keen to see it again, but we weren't sure how well our youngest and most fidgety Exile would cope with the pace of the story-telling. We needn't have worried. He was as captivated as we were, and it seemed to have made as much impact on him as I remember Close Encounters of the Third Kind having on me. We always love enjoying a good movie together, but it's especially nice when it's a thoughtful one like this.

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