Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 10.034: The storm

The snow started around Sunday lunchtime and is just about finishing up now (8 pm Monday evening). An unofficial total measured somewhere in our town was 18 inches - which seems about right - it was certainly a good amount.

Here is a little timelapse (for some reason Exile #3 wanted to sleep at night so there is a big gap). These piles were artificially boosted by our snow clearance activities, but there is no camera trickery.

This was the view as we went to bed on Sunday night:

By this morning, our deck had almost disappeared:

Here is a snow thrower's view of the driveway at around 7 am (it had been cleared at 9 pm).

Getting the snow off the edge of the roof to try to limit the ice-dam formation:

I witnessed a real-live avalanche - see how the soft snow just slid off the icier pile when its support was removed:

After we got the driveway passable, the plow came and almost completely blocked it. We were having lunch, so I left it for a while. The next thing I knew two neighbors with their huge snow blowers were clearing it for us:

And one more of the deck (which would probably appreciate us removing some weight from it soon). I think/hope that the appearance of leaning railings is just a trick of the perspective:

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