Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 8.141: Exile #2's Sunday Column #59

Exile #2 writes...

Yesterday, we had brilliant sunshine and warm (but not too warm) temperatures, which made it the perfect day for a couple of outings with my parents. In the morning we visited Portland Head Light and after some down time in the afternoon, popped over to Old Orchard Beach to soak up a bit of traditional seaside atmosphere.

I say we had down time in the afternoon but E5N1 was pretty determined to keep his grandparents occupied throughout, mostly with detailed explanations about Pokemon, so it's just as well tomorrow is a school day and they can have some time off!

Today was the first significantly rainy day since the snow melt, which wasn't so great for getting out and about but it was much appreciated by our slowly recovering garden and it also allowed a bit of recovery time for the rest of us. It was a day of jigsaws and games, not to mention the conquering of a small Erector (Meccano) set by Exile #1, who doggedly battled with it long after E5N1 went to bed. He's not a quitter!

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