Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Day 9.249: A busy evening and an unwelcome addition

This evening, we somehow had to get Exile #4 to and from a karate class while getting Exile #3 to and from a dance class while also going to the high school to meet the teachers while walking Exile #3's two daily schedules.

As if that wasn't enough, I discovered a little bonus addition to one of my front tyres:

Yes, that's a large screw with a big washer on it. Lovely.

Somehow we managed to fit everything in - including putting the spare wheel on. The trip to school fell to me. I decided to take pictures of the teachers to help Exile #2 also put faces to names. I managed to get photos of all the teachers who were able to attend. This is what I took in her health class:

I wasn't able to definitively rule it out, but I don't think that's her teacher. If it is, I'm not sure he's entirely qualified.

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