Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day 9.258: Littlejohn Island Preserve

We had a very nice outing to Littlejohn Island today where we walked the mile and a half or so of trails at Littlejohn Island Preserve and spent some time on the rocks on the shore.

The island is reached across a causeway from Cousins Island which in turn has a bridge from the mainland (in the town of Yarmouth) near where the midpoint of my out-and-back marathon is next weekend.

Here are some pictures  from the trails:

and some from the rocky shore (amazing number of shells seemingly sorted into categories by some fiendish ocean magic:

A few more photos with some explanation from top to bottom:

We were happy to find a parking space since there are only four and they are quite clear that there are no other options (although "Welcome! Enjoy" if you find a spot!). I was amused that one of the two intersections we had to navigate on Littlejohn Island was the intersection of Littlejohn Road and Littlejohn Road (yes really!) - I guess navigation isn't a big issue on a small island!

I was happy to see this Eastern Phoebe (even though we regularly see one in our back yard) - this one was quite obliging when it came to modeling today!

I don't know why the girls decided to carry each other - but they did it well! The last photo is a tree that must have had a thick vine tightly coiled around it that someone had removed (much to the tree's benefit I'm sure - but producing a very strange effect):

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