Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 8.359: How we rescued Batman

Back on Day 8.350, as we were leaving the beach, E5N1 was very keen to bring a favorite stone he had found there away with him and I was saying no when I looked down and saw a small plastic hand poking out of the seaweed at the high-tide line.

Just then Exile #4 kicked that bit of weed and buried the hand completely, but I was not deterred and investigated further, "You just stood on Batman!" I declared as I pulled him from his weedy entanglement.

"You can't take the rock, but you can take Batman if you like - he's basically litter here." I told E5N1. And that's what happened.

He needed a good clean and he's slightly the worse for wear, and I noticed that his hands are in the perfect position to wield an axe, so I gave him one (of the stringed variety):


  1. i've always said that you're essentially the hero's hero


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