Sunday, January 10, 2016

Day 8.365: Exile #2's Sunday Column #89

Exile #2 writes:

Most of the snow has been washed away today, with heavy downpours and blustery winds. There may even have been a rumble of thunder mixed in at one point. No matter. We spent the morning celebrating 10 years of our church, HopeGateWay, with a brunch woven together with grateful stories from representatives of the many individuals and communities that have found a home there.

In the afternoon, we cozied up and finished off watching the first Lord of the Rings movie (we started yesterday as part of the ongoing birthday celebrations of Exile #1). Exile #3 and Exile #4 were keen to start watching it again, having not quite made it to the end of the last movie some years back. E5N1 only knows it through the Lego video game (although that probably means he knows it pretty well, judging by our experience of watching Indiana Jones). I was pleased to discover that I still love it and somehow seemed to spend the whole movie blinking back tears of one kind or another. We did all enjoy that Sean Bean moment though...

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