Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day 9.007: Exile #2's Sunday Column #90

Exile #2 writes...

You never know what you'll find when you live with E5N1. These little guys were awaiting me the other night when I went up to bed. However, it wasn't half as surprising as the plastic spider that quietly fell out of my bag onto the post office counter the other day and caused me to jump out of my skin.

Mostly, however, I'll find some piece of drawing or writing that E5N1 has been working on. I found this, for example, that he'd made using some stickers that were a Christmas present.

I love the mischievous-looking sentry, who seems to be trying on the royal crown while no one is looking. Not surprisingly, E5N1 has fallen victim to the US stereotype about British rain but more surprising is his impression that buses and taxis zoom around London like that - he's obviously forgotten our largely stationary experience a few summers back.

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