Sunday, October 30, 2016

Day 9.294: Exile #2's Sunday Column #149

Exile #2 writes...

Snow is creeping closer. Our Facebook feeds filled up this week with snowy photos from where we used to live in Albany, NY. The local forecasts were also full of talk about snow in the mountains and the north. None for us yet, though, just a lot of rain.

The pretty snow pictures were light relief from the election-related material also all over Facebook right now. Most of the people we know have been ready for it to be over for some months. Still, E5N1 enjoyed his Election Day at school, and was delighted when his favored candidate won (even if the overall result from schools across Maine went the other way). As therapy, I have declared it to be knitting season, and am currently working on a selection of neon orange hats for us all to wear hiking during hunting season.

We wait with some trepidation to see what will happen, but in the meantime we have tomorrow's long-awaited Halloween fun to distract us.

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