Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day 9.273: Exile #2's Sunday Column #146

Exile #2 writes...

We meandered home from our trip to Rockland, with detours for leaf peeping and food,

 but we made sure to be back so that Exile #3 could attend her first Homecoming Dance.

Like most things we encounter for the first time here, I was familiar with the name but not really the concept. Turns out homecoming relates to the first match of the season played at home by the high school football team. It's an all day event, with parades and floats and food (particularly for Exile #3's school team, who are pretty good), in addition to the match. The day is rounded off with a fancy dance in the evening.

It went on fairly late, so today we took it easy. In fact, Exile #1 ended up taking things a little easier than intended after putting his back out this morning. We are hoping he'll bounce back enough to enjoy his other day off tomorrow, but he's still a little immobile this evening. I am just relieved the marathon was last weekend.

We did manage to wish a very birthday to my Mum, however. who is celebrating a milestone today (21, of course). Happy birthday, Mum!

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