Saturday, October 1, 2016

Day 9.265: The day before a marathon...'s fair to say - is not anyone in the household's favourite day.

The day started with E5N1 coming into our room and declaring, "It's 7:30!" At which point I jumped out of bed and said, "You're kidding - I just missed my race!".

Yeah. That happened. Not the missing the race part - although there's always tomorrow morning.

In fact, the only real job of the day was not getting hurt doing something stupid at the last minute (several jobs got postponed) and to get my stuff ready. This involved a short family trip to the expo to pick up my bib (race number) and a very impressive bag of goodies and ding this:

When I described my clothing choices over lunch, Exile #4 declared, "So basically, we're looking out for a fashion disaster?".

I don't care as long as he's approaching the finish line somewhere close to schedule.

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