Monday, October 10, 2016

Day 9.274: Back, in the water

As Exile #2 mentioned, I injured my back yesterday and that put something of a spanner in the works of our plans for today. We had planned to head into New Hampshire for a hike in this perfect fall weather, but instead I was restricted to fairly static activities.

In fact, my back is much improved and I'm hoping to be able to have a fairly normal day albeit with a little extra caution in bending and twisting. We shall see.

For today, I had to console myself that at least my vacation day meant that I could take E5N1 to his swim class and see his progress. He's now quite confident around the water and able to look quite convincing doing lengths of the main pool using a variety of simplified strokes.

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  1. That's good - the news of E5N1, not of your poorly back of course.


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