Sunday, September 10, 2017

Day 10.243: Exile #2's Sunday Column #192

Exile #2 writes...

So, normal service has resumed for us this week, although we're sparing many thoughts for those whose lives will not be normal for the foreseeable future, both in this country and overseas.

All three of the young Exiles have made a successful reentry to school, and although we still have some back-to-school Open Houses to come, we're pretty much back in the swing. E5N1 is the only young Exile to have made major changes to his extra-curricular activities this year, opting for a low-key soccer skills class at the local gym,

and taking up the trumpet. With that in mind, Exile #1 dug out his old French horn mouthpiece, and E5N1 has been wandering around the house making a host of interesting, and sometimes alarming, noises. I'm feeling quite pleased that we have a basement.

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