Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 8.183: Exile #2's Sunday Column #65

Exile #2 writes...

Well, Exile #4 officially had a good time at camp and has been breaking into camp songs on regular occasions, some of which require us to get up out of our seats to do increasingly silly actions. I think we might have a camp counselor in training.

Some of us managed to rack up our second serious beach day of the summer this weekend, with swimming, sandcastles and seagulls wrestling large fish out of the ocean galore!

Editor's note: This picture includes our sandcastle and the kids.

Even better, we got to spend the evening eating delicious Greek food and enjoying Greek music and dancing at the local Greek Orthodox Church. One of Exile #3's friends is the daughter of the priest there and, as she was dancing (in full costume despite the heat), the young Exiles were tempted to join in and get their feet tangled up in the intricate step pattern.

Today has been a little quieter. E5N1 was in the lucky position of having been invited to a pool party, so spent a couple of hours keeping cool in the water with his buddies. The rest of us did a little bit of preparation towards next weekend, when we plan to go camping at last and played a couple of games of Tokaido, one of my birthday presents. Very pleasant indeed.

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