Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 8.190: Exile #2's Sunday Column #66

Exile #2 writes...

Well, that was a camping trip we will remember, some of it, for the right reasons! It was hard work for starters, as most of us were nursing colds, but we were undaunted. Not even a last minute change in the weather forecast could put us off.

We brought our beach day forward and later arrived with the lovely people at Chewonki Campground. With all hands on deck, we set up camp pretty quickly and then enjoyed some good fire-cooked food before turning in, as the fireflies began to twinkle.

It rained a little in the night but we woke to a cloudy, dry morning and managed a civilized breakfast before setting off for some wet weather activity at Maine Maritime Museum. By the time we got back to the campground, I was beginning to feel really rough, but everyone rallied round and got dinner together while I crashed out. After dinner, Exile #4 and E5N1 managed a swim in the pool before we safely stowed our belongings (rain was expected again) and all turned in for the night.

At about 2:30, I awoke. A few moments later it became clear why, as there was a rumble of thunder. While Exile #1 scrambled for his keys, I shook the kids awake and while the rain poured torrents through the doorway of the tent, I sent the kids skedaddling barefoot across the grass into the van.

What could have been a low point, actually turned into half an hour of hilarity as a sleepy E5N1 got us all laughing. Finally, as the storm was winding down, we invited iTunes to pick us one last random song. It chose Dido, suitably sleepy-making music. When morning came, we decided to cut our losses and head home. As we sit here listening to thunder, watching rain pour down, I think we made the right call.

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